Elbow Pain

You’ve probably heard of tennis elbow, possibly of golfers elbow too. Well, these two represent the most common elbow injuries, with tennis elbow being a pain in the lateral, or outer elbow, and golfers elbow presenting as a pain in the medial or inner elbow.

The injuries just described are the result of overuse or repetitive injuries, an injury that presents itself over time, gradually getting worse and worse. There are of course acute elbow injuries too; injuries that occur as a result of a fall or other accident.

What are the signs you should be looking out for?

Over the years we’ve treated hundreds of elbow injuries and some of the signs our patients have experienced include:

  • A deep and dull ache
  • A sharp, burning sensation
  • Hot and warm to touch
  • An occasional swelling around the elbow
  • A difficulty bending or straightening the arm
  • Finding it hard to grip objects
  • A difficulty throwing a ball.

What kind of treatment is best for your elbow?

We will thoroughly assess your elbow, but not in isolation. We’ll look at the surrounding joints, such as your shoulder, neck and wrist to investigate whether there are any contributing factors.

Once that is done we suggest treatment almost immediately, because if it’s left untreated it can slow your recovery significantly.

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