Hand & Wrist Pain

It goes without saying that injuries to the hands or wrist can render you helpless, with even the most basic tasks becoming unachievable.

And it’s unfortunately a prevalent injury due to the fact that the hand and wrist is made up of a complex network of bones, ligaments, capsules, tendons and muscles. While this does allow for excellent movement, it’s also an area that’s susceptible to injury.

Are there different types of hand and wrist injuries?

As with many other parts the body, there are two types of injuries: Acute and Overuse.

Acute Injuries

These occur when some kind of trauma or accident happens. The most common example is when you fall and use an outstretched hand to break your fall.

These injuries can present in different ways including reduced mobility, swelling, tenderness to touch, an audible ‘clicking’ sound, and some kind of deformity.

Overuse Injuries

These types of injuries can come from repetitive movements at your workstation or desk, or from a repetitive exercise.

They also present in different ways, so it’s important to look out for symptoms such as pain after repeated movements, restricted movements, pain when stretching the area in question, and a pins and needles sensation.

How can you treat a hand or wrist injury?

The good news is most of these types of injuries can be treated with physiotherapy. Our team is highly experienced when it comes to the multifaceted issues of the hand and wrist. We assess your injury, find the cause of your injury (if it’s an overuse injury), offer solutions going forward as to how you can avoid that injury reoccurring, before providing the treatment that will get you back to good health as soon as possible.

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