Hip & Groin Pain

Whether it’s acute or chronic, pain in the hip or groin can keep you injured for quite some time. What’s required is a careful diagnosis followed by expert treatment and a thorough exercise program. This process will ensure the fastest route to recovery.

What are the symptoms or signs that you have a hip or groin injury?

Hip and groin injuries can present in a number of ways including:

  • Pain or tightness deep inside the hip joint, buttock, thigh and groin.
  • Pain with increased activity.
  • Stiffness in the hip area when walking or exercising.
  • A ‘clicking’ sensation in your hip.

So what are the different types of common hip/groin injuries and what causes them?

Torn Labrum

This is a common hip joint injury and can occur both when you move suddenly and change direction, as well as from repetitive movement such as running.

The Groin Muscle Tear

A common injury among sports professionals, the groin tear usually occurs when you change speed or direction suddenly, or even from poor kicking technique.


Osteoarthritis in the hip usually happens in advanced age as a result of long-term repetitive movement.

CAM Deformity

A CAM Deformity in the hip can occur from repetitive movements like squats.

What can the Primary Physiotherapists do for you?

Due to the fact that these injuries can lead to long recovery periods, we do a thorough assessment upfront to carefully diagnose the issue at hand. We then begin treatment as soon as possible, professionally releasing your tight muscles and joints.

But your treatment doesn’t end at our premises. We then provide you with a comprehensive exercise program to make sure you’re back on track fast. And it’s this holistic approach that has successfully treated thousands of hip and groin complaints over the years.

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