Knee Injuries

The knee is essentially a hinge joint, designed to simply bend and straighten. Below the surface of the skin things are a little more problematic as the knee is one of the most complex joints in the human body.

Whether it’s the ligaments, muscles, cartilage, or joint surfaces, knee pain can originate form one of a number of sources. And when it strikes it can be completely debilitating, limiting your ability to walk and sometimes bear any weight whatsoever

What are the signs of a serious knee injury?

Sometimes excruciating pain isn’t the sole indicator of a knee issue. Over the years our patients have described the following when reporting their knee concerns:

  • A tenderness or an indiscriminate deep ache
  • A sensation of clicking or locking
  • A sense that their knee could give way at any moment
  • A swelling that results in a puffy knee

These same patients have also described having great difficulty:

  • Sitting still for extended periods of time
  • Getting out of a low chair
  • Walking on steep declines
  • Squatting
  • Steadily changing direction
  • Jumping

Are there different types of knee injuries?

Without going into the details of the actual knee structures, there are two types of injuries, acute and gradual onset. Acute knee injuries often occur during activities where twisting, kicking and changing direction are involved, causing damage to the ligaments (ACL, MCL or PCL) and cartilage/meniscus of the knee. Gradual onset knee pain refers to patients participating in a repetitive movement, or older patients with degenerative wear and tear.

Your knees are in the best hands.

The physiotherapists at Primary Physio have extensive experience dealing with knee injuries and have treated everyone from causal runners to elite sportsmen and women. We’ll begin by identifying the exact cause of pain and give you a diagnosis before offering you a way forward to better health.

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