Muscle Soreness

The first thing you need to know is that Muscle Soreness, after you exercise, is completely normal. It’s only when the muscles tighten up that a strain may be have happened, and for strains, treatment is your best option.

Pain, strains and tears.

Muscle pain can be caused by any muscle strain, injury or tear. The most common are the high speed and load muscles such as your hamstrings, thigh (quadriceps), calf, back and biceps. Muscle tears can also vary in severity.

What treatment is available?

Treatment options vary depending on the severity of your strain or tear. Initially we’d recommend ice and a compression bandage before elevating it if it’s swollen. If you’re unable to walk or train you should then seek out treatment. Some muscle tears such as hamstrings are particularly difficult to get right. That’s when it’s very important to seek professional assistance.

At Primary Physio we offer the following treatment:

  • An assessment of your muscle function, core stability and biomechanics to avoid injury recurrence.
  • A remedial or sports style massage to ensure that any scar tissue doesn’t clump.
  • An exercise program that incorporates components of strength, endurance and flexibility.

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