Shoulder Pain

The first thing you should know about the shoulder is that it has the greatest range of movement of all the joints in the human body. And that’s exactly why people frequently strain or injure their shoulders.

The shoulder is made up of three bones, the humerus (upper arm), scapula (shoulder blade) and clavicle (collar bone), and the small contact surface area between all three results in the wide range of movement described earlier.

What are the different types of shoulder pain?

There are two types of shoulder pain we commonly treat:

  1. Instant Pain
  2. Gradual Pain
Instant Pain

This is often the result of an injury or accident. Your might be at the gym and lift a weight that’s a little too heavy, or, you may have taken a tumble off your bike and landed awkwardly. Whatever the case, you’ll most likely be in some kind of significant pain.

Gradual Pain

This is pain that manifests itself over a period of time. Signs you should look out for include a dull ache that can send pain down your arm, the inability to lift your hand above your head, and even a discomfort when lying on your shoulder at night. All these should signify the need for treatment.

So why see us for your shoulder pain?

At Primary Physio we thoroughly assess your shoulder before offering professional treatment and advice. We listen to your personal story and try to figure out how your pain, especially gradual pain, originated. We then offer an accurate diagnosis based on a conversation plus a physical examination, as well as an exercise program to ensure you get back on track to full health.

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